Next Generation
Gunshot Positioning System

Triangula is an AI software that detects and positions gunshots





Triangula detects and positions gunshots from small firearms by using mobile phones as sensors. The system can be deployed in minutes by installing the Triangula Scout app on three or more mobile phones.

Weapon type
Gunshot direction

Recognizes the audio signature of a gunshot

Requires three or more mobile phones and/or Apple Watches for positioning

Running on iOS and Android

Background processing

Optimized for battery life

Offers instant setup and worldwide coverage

Developed for various public cloud solutions

Deploy private cloud for maximum security

Web based operating system on PC/Mac and tablets

Gunshot alerts and planning tool for deployment and relocation of sensors

Possible to integrate in Operating rooms and Command & Control systems

How does it work?

A gunshot is fired

The acoustic fingerprint is detected on sensors

The detection is forwarded to backend

Location and gunshot information is distributed

If you can hear the sound of a gunshot Triangula will detect and position it. Triangula uses advanced artificial intelligence (AI) to position gunshot, identify weapon and find gunshot direction

Operating modes

Fixed sensors

Fixed installations for permanent surveillance of high-risk objects or critical areas. The sensors are mounted in discrete housings and connected to external power.

Robust coverage

Deployed sensors

Temporary surveillance under an operation. The sensors are deployed in the environment running on own battery power.

Quick setup

Roaming sensors

Mobile surveillance under an operation or as an expansion of a fixed installation. Roaming sensors on personnel provides continuous gunshot positioning around a team.

Flexible solution

Select, change or mix operating modes according to needs

Why Triangula?


Up to

2 km

Long detection range

Audible range of a gunshot depends on weapon type, gunshot direction, background noise and topography.

The detection range for a rifle in open terrain is up to 2 kilometers.

Better than

25 m

Accurate positioning

Accuracy depends on distance and angle between sensors.

Triangula typically positions the shooter within 25 meters at a range of 500 meters.

Less than

4 sec

Real time response

Triangula detects and alerts virtually in real time.

A shooter is mapped within 4 seconds.

Supported by

Norwegian Defence Research Establishment (FFI) is the prime institution responsible for defence related research and development in Norway.

Triangula is developed with support from FFI and Norwegian Armed Forces through governmental grants and assistance during development and testing.

The Research Council of Norway promotes competitiveness and growth in Norwegian trade and industry by providing financial support for research and innovation projects.

Triangula is supported by the Research Council of Norway through their SkatteFUNN program.

Provides secure
and indisputable

Weapon type
Gunshot direction

The information is electronically signed and encrypted to provide evidence


Military objects

Base defense

Force protection

Border control

Smart city

Security of city centers and critical infrastructure

Share gunshot warnings across agencies

Assist and activate correct CCTV viewport

Site security

Government and municipal buildings

Campus safety

Power and industrial plants


Official state visits

Parades and celebrations

Sporting events

Outdoor concerts


Personal protection




Triangula is a Norwegian software company founded in 2017

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